About Us

Shandong Rainbow Metal Technology Co., Ltd. Is a comprehensive enterprise integrating stainless steel storage, sales, processing, distribution and service. Our factory covers about 105 acres, currently has around 500 employees. The company has many of the world’s most advanced stainless steel processing equipment, which can provide stainless steel crossing-cutting, slitting, CNC plasma cutting, matte(Lass film), 8K mirror, oil abrasion, anti-fingerprint, embossing, punching, spare parts, etc. Decorative plate series, high temperature plate series, chemical plate series, container plate series, hot-rolled medium and heavy plate series, cold-rolled thin plate series.

TEL:+86 15927233753

Email: Rainbowmetal@163.com 

Address: 21th Floor, 2103, Jinda Building, High-Tech Zone Shandong , Zibo area,China